What Goes Into a Great Event?

With the summer upon us, the weather practically demands an outdoor celebration. Whether looking for an excuse to gather friends, or celebrating an occasion like a wedding or graduation, planning a stellar event takes more than paper plates and napkins. Organizing a successful and fun event takes forethought and more than a little talent. Here are some helpful hints for throwing together your next barn burner or shindig that work on any budget.

Sherry Romello - event planningWhen asked what matters most at a party, the unanimous response is food. Deciding the theme of your gathering will go far in narrowing down your menu selection, and don’t be afraid to ask your guests what they’d be interested in having. Using open communication as a great way to plan out your spread, you can also easily plan to avoid food any allergies, or at the very least accommodate those with more specific diets.

Think like a guest. What would you most want to do at an event? Create space for groups to gather and mingle. Groups naturally form during a gathering as visitors become comfortable, and preparing for this gives you the opportunity to create communal space. Comfortable seating doesnt have to be fancy, but it allows you to loosely control where the crowds will collect.

Decorate the setting with uniformity. Using a theme or color scheme is pleasing to the eye, and by incorporating the aforementioned nooks, you can embellish with specific details that match your design. Rather than present an open space, you’ve created a warm and inviting area for your guests to mingle and talk.

With very little effort, you can transform a simple space into the perfect place to host an event. Whether you’re transforming an apartment or backyard, your next event will be in capable hands by following these steps.