International Business Meeting Planning: 101


While there are many challenges when planning any meeting or event, there is something particularly unique and intricate when it comes to planning international business travel.  From difficulties involving language barriers to changes in time zones and let’s not forget the cultural/business differences — there is much to be done. Here are a few tips to help make your international business trip planning a little less complicated:

Prepared and prepaid:
International business travelers will tell you that some of their best and least stressful experiences abroad have occurred because they did not have to sweat the small stuff.  Having prepaid transportation (car service and airfare) and lodging allows guests to focus solely on the business aspect of their trip.

It is important to assign a host to guest during their stay. The host can act as the main point of contact. Doing so will make it easier for guests to meet as well as have an accessible means to communicate with all parties. As a meeting/event planner you know first hand how hard it is to try contact and find people you have never met before.
Language barriers may or may not be a concern depending on the travel destination. In any case, it would be most beneficial if the host details the business culture and customs of the location to the guest.

Be sure to have an agenda provided to guests before  or upon arrival. Should the schedule change, the host should alert guests and find new times to meet.

For many travelers, it will be there first time in that specific location. It would be helpful if the meeting venue provides meals including breakfast and lunch and the host can provide a diverse list of restaurant options where the guest can enjoy dinner.


Thanks for reading!!

Sherry Romello