Customizing the Event Experience

Planning and organizing an event for many people can be challenging. How do you plan accordingly so that everyone is involved and engaged? Truth is, you just can’t really do that, especially with some of the biggest events. For event attendees, there used to be a once size fits all approach where what you planned met everyones expectations. Tsherry romello - meet planningoday, Paul Salinger of Oracle argues that the one-size-fits-all approach is going extinct. It’s now trending towards individual engagement that helps meet peoples expectations. Let’s take a look at 4 ways customize the event experience according to Bizbash.

Involve Attendees Actively

Mainly due to advancements in technology, attendees today require a different level of stimulation and interactivity. Salinger argues today that people are less willing to sit and listen to a PowerPoint presentation. Press and Analyst are important to a business so it’s important to let them interact and keep them engaged.

Approach Meeting Design Thoughtfully

Salinger stresses the significance of assembling a keen, inventive physical setup in which attendees have all the instruments and consolation they have to accomplish their own objectives for that face to face opportunity. For Oracle’s CX Cloud Conference, a large portion of the room had round tables instead of your typical classroom setup. This kind of setup encourages interaction and turns a meet into a meet with networking opportunities.

Think Responsibly

Events that include green initiatives as well as wellness initiatives add to the overall experience of a meeting. Some of these initiatives include cutting down on plastic bottled water, healthier food options, and allows walking to other meeting locations. It’s also an opportunity to help the bottom line of an event. For example, Oracle had a sponsor on hand with refillable water bottles which not only acted as a branded giveaway, but also kept attendees hydrated.

Seek Local Inspiration

In terms of finding a location, it’s not just about finding a cool neat spot. More thought is required for such planning. You want to play up the local environment and culture. If the great location just isn’t there to be had, make the dining events and meeting activities that much great to help supplement.

Apple Improving Your Hotel Stay

Since its inception in April of 1976, Apple has been frequently changing the way we do things as people. From computers to lap tops, iPods to iPhones, the soon to be Apple Watch, the list goes on and on. Apple has really made it a point to revolutionize how we do specific day to day functions. Now, there looking to change and improve your hotel stay when traveling.

No More Swiping Keys

Ever get your room key to check in, only to lose it in the very next hours? Or better yet, you have a troublesome card that’s strip is weak and it takes 20 swipes at your room door to recognize that your key is correct? Apple has developed a mobile app that will allow you to enter your room without a key. Now many times your phone may be stored away in your luggage or you’re carrying so much luggage that you can’t grab your phone from your pocket. With the soon to be released Apple Watch, you can now open your hotel door from your watch. Starwood and Hilton have announced programs to incorporate this technology at there hotels. It won’t be long until many more hotels jump on board and rid themselves of troublesome keys.

Better Check-Out and Check-In Experience

Sherry Romello - Apple Watch
Apple Watch

You’ve most likely recently seen someone use Apple Pay at a fast food restaurant or store in the mall. Well Marriott is going to add this sort of technology to their check-in and check-out process. Marriott will have Apple Pay-enabled terminals at the JW Marriott Chicago, New York Marriott Downtown and the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. This movement is designed to attract the younger travelers to stay at the more extravagant locations Marriott has to offer.

Hotel stayers are taking matter further on their own end with Apple products as well. Many travel with their small portable Apple Tv consoles and set them up with the hotel wifi in order to watch programs more tailored to their interests. Apple continues to revolutionize hotel stay experiences and I expect more in the coming years.

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Top Venues For A Meeting

There are plenty of great meeting and event venues located all around the United States. But where do you turn to when you really want to put on a phenomenal event? Smart Meetings selected many different venues amongst the top 15 by venue size. Smart Meetings surveyed 1,700 hotels and resorts to get their own list down to 200. Lets take a look at a few of the top resorts by size.

Large Venues

Four Seasons Hotel Chicago: Located at 120 East Delaware Place, Chicago, Illinois, the Four Seasons Hotel is the top choice in the Chicago area. This hotel has great views as you can see beautiful Lake Michigan from many rooms. Sitting just under 24,000 square feet, the hotel has 345 guest rooms. It has recently received gained a lot of great press through many industry awards.

The Grand Del Mar
The Grand Del Mar

The Grand Del Mar: Located at 5300 Grand Del Mar Ct, San Diego, California, this hotel sits in the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. With 20,000 square feet of meeting space, the Grand Del Mar hotel has 249 guest rooms.

Mid Size Properties

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle: The Four Seasons find themselves on here yet again. Located at 99 Union St, Seattle, Washington this hotel is located just a block from the waterfront. With about 10,500 square feet in meeting space this hotel also contains 147 guest rooms. It also contains gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas: Arguably one of the best places on the strip, the Mandarin Oriental is a great location for a meeting or conference. While it lacks a casino which seems to be a Vegas standard, that could actually be a benefit to holding your meeting at this location. This location is more known for its classy and quiet ambiance. The hotel has 392 guest rooms and just over 12,000 square feet of meeting space.

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