3 Things Your Attendees Care About

When organizing an event you have to think of a coupe of things. Who’s your target audience? How big of a venue is needed? The list could go on and on. While you can do what’s in your power to make what you think will garner the most attendance, at the end of the day, there are three things other than education and networking that will ultimately get them to your event and keep them there. Let’s take a look at these three things according to PCMA.org.

Give Them Time to Explore

With every event your going to want an agenda. However, you don’t need to have every waking moment booked with a specific presentation or activity. Give them time to do some freelancing. A lot of these people come into these meetings with their own agenda and if you book them for every minute while they’re there, there is a chance they won’t get around to everything they wanted to do.

They Want Time to Hang Around When It’s Otherwise Not Needed

Sherry Romello - conventionWhile you can offer attendees extra time to explore, some attendees will have trouble to attend most of a meeting or conference. Conflicts come up whether it be other business meetings or maybe they’re tired from a long day. Attendees are looking to extend their trip or turn their trip into a vacation. Some coordination will go into this. You’ll want to talk with your partnering hotel to see if they’re willing to offer an extension on their discounted rates. This not only makes attendees happy but also rewards the hotels with more business.

They Want an Opportunity to Bring Someone

Attendees always want the extra invite. Whether it be a coworker, spouse, family member or friend the extra invite goes a long way. Your organization that is planning the convention should take into consideration a guest pass.