PCMA Studies Colombia

Sherry Romello - PCMAPCMA professionals had the opportunity to travel to Colombia this past quarter and discuss the reasons why meeting professionals is quickly becoming an up and coming sector. The educational tools put together by the different teams within PCMA, are necessary for developing these meeting destination countries, like Colombia. However, this exchange has to be profitable for all parties involved, which is why PCMA studied Colombian technology trends, emerging markets and marketable professional circles.

After completing their research PCMA decided that Colombia is the perfect contender for the typical criteria needed for meeting destinations. They are as follows:

1. Reliable Internet
Many people believe that the United States has the fastest Wi-Fi, however, PCMA staff paid praise to the many venues they visited while in Colombia. They were able to connect without any trouble and received fast and extremely reliable services. Technology and internet is a huge concern for planners, which is why this information is so imperative.

2. Plenty of Women Leaders
Women are present, and in many cases, leading the conversations about Planning and Meeting Destinations. Its a great opportunity for the economy of the country, and the maturation of this niche market in Colombia.

3. Security and Safety
One of the most important things to keep in mind for planners is the safety of travelers and attendees present in these meetings. Although this subject is more prevalent in different areas of the world, its still necessary to take the appropriate measures. In one instance, an organizer was apprehensive about bring her team to Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia. After meeting with the city’s security officers and understanding the specific procedures and technologies they used, the planner felt at ease to bring on the next team. PCMA staff suggests that planners should ask thoughtful and honest questions, instead of relying only on headlines.