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sherry romello
Sherry Romello

Last month, Sherry Romello of Hilton Worldwide shared some insight as a professional in the hospitality industry.  Here Sherry shares a bit more about herself and how she got to this industry in the first place.

You’ve worked on advisory boards in Atlanta and Baltimore, can you go into a bit of detail of what you did and what it served for?

In my role as a meeting planner for some significant events in the industry, cities and hotels would often invite planners to serve on an advisory board for a two-three year period to help them better understand customer needs and adapt their business. In some cases, cities or hotels were exploring new initiatives and they wanted a group of customers to help them validate their direction. I served on the Hilton Advisory Board back in the late 90’s and then for Baltimore and Atlanta more recently.

What is the fondest memory of your career?

Wow! There are so many and yet for all those years, so few. Opening day of the NACS Show in 2005 in Las Vegas! The NACS Show is a 25,000 person event bringing together exhibitors who provide products to Convenience Stores and attendees who own/manage/run convenience stores. Our 2005 event was scheduled to be in New Orleans in mid-October and as you may recall, Hurricane Katrina showed up around Labor Day – six weeks prior to our event. We sprung into action and found dates in Las Vegas in mid-November and we literally moved this large event – exhibits, changed signage, hotel rooms and a million other details that we took care of to deliver one of our best shows ever. When our attendees showed up, they were blown away that we were able to pull off such a feat. To this day, people marvel at how we were able to do that.

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